I have been dancing salsa for 11 years and performing standup comedy for 9 years (over the course of 20). In the summer of 2017 I decided that these two worlds must collide, and so I began to teach other comics to dance salsa.

I gave Kyle and Matt a lesson after they had me on their podcast “This is Rad.

In this video I teach Benny Spiewak and Serafina Costanza how to dance salsa. We discuss the art of “leading,” how to keep your partner out of danger and I almost lose my eyelash.

In this video I taught long-time dear friend and comedy genius Maria Bamford and her dog Jackie. In this video we discuss “LA Style” vs. “New York Style” salsa, the intimate nature of partner dance, sweaty body rolls, and we practice our lady “arm styling.” Maria is a force and a generous soul and I love her dearly.

In this video I teach the hilarious Christine Little to dance salsa, though, she doesn’t really need my help.

The hilarious Kazu Kusano was my first victim.

Thought I would just throw this one in for fun.

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